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Resin regeneration is a process that restores the ions necessary for resins to perform ion exchange, using ions such as H+, OH-, Na+, or Cl-. This process removes organic and inorganic contaminants from the resin, significantly extending its lifespan.

Our services

Our resin regeneration catalog includes several types of services designed to meet the various needs of an ion exchange system.

- Rental of tanks and resin
- Sale of resin
- Resin exchange program
- Inspection and repair of tanks
- Water quality testing at the outlet
- Certificate of compliance

- Rebalancing of the Anion/Cation ratio
- Pickup/Delivery within a 10km radius
- Tank disinfection
- Virgin resin recharge
- Recharge with special media
- Acid stripping
- Etc.

The benefits of regeneration

- Much cheaper than buying new resin every time
- Simpler to do since the regeneration is not done on-site
- Significantly reduces maintenance costs

The disadvantages of regeneration

- Slightly reduces the treatment capacity of the resin
- Risk of cross-contamination
- Chemicals impact the environment, but less than resin manufacturing
- Limited number of service providers

How do we establish prices?

- Price of virgin resin, chemicals, and labor
- Exchange rate
- Availability of parts
- Quantity ordered
- Payment method
- Market conditions

Thanks to our team, you can be assured that your water will meet the requirements of your application and industry regulations.
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