Who we are

We are building a world where using water sustainably will be the easy choice.

Aside from fundamental human values like honesty and integrity, the six values below allow us to progress together and are at the heart of how we make decisions.

The will to contribute

We work to help others progress by sharing our expertise, 
our time, our energy, our creativity and our vision.

Learning like our life depends on it

Our mission can only be accomplished if our knowledge is up to the task, so learning is a non-negotiable requirement in our daily lives.

Emotional intelligence

Learning to know ourselves better and to interact better with others allows us to work sustainably and collaborate productively.

The will to do whatever it takes

Unifying vision, planning, focus and perseverance, we do 
all we can to accomplish our objectives and keep our promises.


What we do isn’t taught at school. We need to be creative and 
find innovative solutions to overcome the challenges we’re presented with. Our joint success depends on it !


Seek first to understand and then to be understood. Good communication is the only way we can make sure we’re solving 
the right problem and considering our clients real priorities. 
It also happens to make life more fun.

Our history


Dur-Pro Ltd. is founded by Joscelin and Sharon Durepos as a company distributing filter aids. Offices opened in Brossard, Quebec.


Dur-Pro becomes a distributor of Osmonics products for Canada.


Dur-Pro becomes a distributor of Filtomat self-cleaning filters.


Dur-Pro becomes Osmonics’ first reverse osmosis machine distributor.


Dur-Pro and Filtration Ltd. collaborate to commercialize the MCFM self-cleaning filter in the pulp and paper industry, helping save tens of thousands of gallons of white water per minute.


Dur-Pro moves to its current headquarters, a 50,000 sq. ft. building at 255 Montcalm Boulevard North in Candiac, Quebec. Dur-Pro Ltd. begins doing business as Durpro.


Durpro launches its service department for the preventive maintenance and repair of water filtration and treatment equipment.


Durpro develops the Dur-flote dissolved air clarifier and the Ozo-pro line of ozone systems.


The Durpro team reaches a record 31 employees and delivers its first system worth over $1M.


Durpro builds a regeneration plant inside its existing Candiac headquarters, in collaboration with Regeneration Services.


The company’s ownership is transferred to its second generation of owners: Denis and Marc Durepos become owners.


Durpro launches its advisory services offering in response to the often unique needs of its industrial clientele.