Water purification and treatment
for the pharmaceutical industry

Comply with regulations, limit production downtime and ensure product quality thanks to our made-to-measure approach. Installing and validating an inadequate water purification system is a very expensive mistake in the pharmaceutical industry. Similarly, wastewater treatment can become a significant risk factor with ever-changing regulations and new production lines.

  •  This includes validation support and documentation to meet regulatory and client-specific requirements
  • Mechanical maintenance of water purification systems
  • Calibration and suitability testing of process instruments (conductivity, TOC, temperature, pressure, flow, ozone, etc.)
  • Cleaning and sanitization (CIP/SIP)
  • Filter, membrane and media replacement including integrity and performance testing as applicable
  • Obtain the necessary documentation to ensure compliance with the standards to which you are subject 
        Certificates of analysis
        Calibration certificates

Optimization of existing water purification systems

  • off-spec water quality, capacity issues, high operating costs, high maintenance frequency, obsolete control systems, etc.
  • Action plans for clients with compliance issues
  • Technical and economic analysis of treatment options
  • Pilot trials
  • Engineering of wastewater treatment systems
  • Adjustment and optimization of existing wastewater treatment systems

Thanks to our team, you can rest assured that your water will meet your application requirements and industry regulations.
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