Reliable repairs 
for your water 
treatment systems

Count on our trustworthy experts when your water treatment system breaks down.

You can trust that our team will get your system back up and running and performing optimally. We have both the expertise and experience needed to repair a wide variety of water treatment systems.

Versatility and Rigor

We can solve a variety of problems with your water treatment equipment: general breakdowns, lack of capacity, defective parts, leaks, automation issues, etc. By entrusting your equipment to Durpro’s team of rigorous and dedicated specialists, you can rest assured that your system will be back up and running as it was designed to.

Flawless Service

From the diagnostic to the actual repair, we put the depth of our knowledge to work with one objective in mind: to make sure you’re totally satisfied. We aim to have your equipment running like new, no matter the application.

Once our repairs are complete, we run your equipment through a battery of technical tests to make sure they’re functioning correctly. When they are successful, we’re still there to support you with the high-quality services, parts and consumables you may need over time.

Troubleshooting and Overhauls

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, systems are damaged beyond simple repairs. Water quality deteriorates, leaks spring up and multiple components break down. While we help clients avoid these nightmare scenarios with our preventive maintenance services, we’re sometimes only called in when things have gone too far. If you find yourself in this kind of bind, you can trust that our team will help you quickly assess your options and come up with an action plan to reliably get you the water quality you need.

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