Give your equipment a second life by changing its media.

Ion exchange resin

Available services

• Water softener
• Demineralizer
• Speciality Resin
• Dealkalizer
• Mixed Bed

And more

Activated Carbon

Types of use

• Chlorine removal
• Catalytic activated carbon
• Wastewater
• Chloramine removal
• Organic removal

And more

Sand & Gravel

Type of media

• Green sand
• Gravel
• Diatomaceous earth
• Sand
• Anthracite

And more

System Efficiency

As the different media become saturated and clogged with contaminants, the flow rate of water is reduced, leading to system inefficiencies.

Operation Cost

A well-operated water treatment system can help to reduce operating costs.


Water Quality

As the media in the system become saturated or outdated, their ability to treat water may decrease, leading to reduced water quality. 

System Longevity

Outdated, worn-out or non-functional media can lead to system breakdown, leading to costly repairs or worse

Thanks to our team, you can rest assured that your water will meet your application requirements and industry regulations.
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