Expert assistance 
in training your team

You can rely on our team's deep experience and expertise to make sure your operators and professionals are well-trained.

We offer training to suit the needs of organizations operating, 
installing, specifying or purchasing water and process equipment. 
In fact, thanks to our long history in the industry, we can often train 
your staff to operate and maintain equipment we didn’t sell !

Operators and maintenance personnel

Most of our clients are forced to deal with a certain level of employee turnover. Consequently, they’re sometimes confronted with the reality of being unable to operate or maintain important water filtration or treatment equipment themselves.

Thanks to our varied and deep experience working with water filtration and treatment technologies, we’re happy to help by offering training on:

• Operating and monitoring water treatment equipment
• Process instrument calibration
• Maintenance and repair of water treatment systems and equipment

Professional training and continuing education

Did you know that our water and process specialists typically undergo a minimum of two years of on-the-job training before they are certified as sufficiently competent to carry out requirements analysis and system design using the most common technologies we sell? These specialists typically join our ranks with an engineering or science degree and multiple years of industry experience.

Mastering water and process technologies requires a very diverse set of knowledge and skills that are basically impossible to acquire without years-long industry experience.

This is why we offer training courses to professionals wishing to continue their education. Our professional training is right for you if you will need to select, specify, design or validate a water treatment system in the coming months or years. We’ll help you acquire the knowledge and skills you will need to successfully complete your upcoming projects.

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