Support program for the development of custom engineered water treatment solution

Our team is focused on your results. From the start, we direct our attention to your specific objectives, be they to increase productivity, profitability or quality.

Nothing is left to chance

The PUR3 support program is a top-tier personalized program for clients who want sustained support in solving a water challenge, from requirements analysis through system commissioning and beyond.


Process Selection
Process Simulation


System Engineering
Fabrication and Assembly


Validation and Start-up
Investment Protection

Get outstanding advice and solutions based on our unparalleled expertise and understanding of the three key aspects of water treatment.

Water Chemistry

The ideal water quality to meet your needs

When your operations require a specific water quality to run optimally, it’s important to be have a trusted specialist with a deep understanding of water chemistry by your side.

Treatment Processes

A system and processes tailor-made for you

We help you see clearly to select the best solution from the vast array of treatment processes available on the market today. The solution to your challenge is custom-made to achieve the results you want.

Peak-performance technologies

The right technologies to help you grow

Our knowledge of the latest technological advances means that you can count on the fact that the technologies we suggest will be both high-performing and selected to reliably give you the results you seek.

Need advice from a water and process specialist?

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