Working to master water for over 40 years

We’ll design and develop for you a custom solution to increase your productivity, profitability or quality. We are focused on your specific needs. Whether you’re looking to purify, filter, sterilize, separate, neutralize or otherwise modify the quality of water or other liquids, you’ll be supported by a team of experts.

A made-to-measure solution

We help you see clearly to select the best solution from the vast array of processes available. The solution to your challenge is custom-made to achieve the results you want. We have a full team of seasoned professionals, including chemical engineers and technicians.

Our expertise and know-how allow us to advise you with unmatched precision and develop permanent, sustainable solutions. You’ll get the ideal water quality to meet your needs, systems and processes tailor-made for you, and the right technologies to help you grow.

Water Chemistry

In-depth understanding of water chemistry, water contaminants, and how they interact

Extensive analyses based on objective data and 40 years of experience in the business

Extensive knowledge of quality standards in the food and pharmaceuticals sectors

Solid expertise when it comes to resolving big, complex challenges

Treatment Process

Detailed understanding of the impact treatment processes have on water quality

Precise simulation of process efficiency and the gains possible with various scenarios

3D modeling to take into account the specific physical characteristics of your facility

Custom projects involving a series of processes and test pilots conducted on site

Peak-Performance technologies

In-depth understanding of products and how they perform in different settings

Ability to choose the right products for the process used

Superior-quality fabrication and assembly of high-performance systems

Ability to anticipate potentially complex technical issues

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