Solutions sur mesure, en tout temps

One thing is common to all our clients: they face challenges in terms of productivity, profitability, or quality. Yet as experts in water treatment for more than 40 years, that’s precisely what we live for. We are all about delivering results and we work at designing for them solutions that are based on their specific needs.

When it comes to water quality, whether you want for instance to purify, filter or sterilize water, we’ll develop a made-to-measure solution. Thanks to our expertise and know-how, we advise you with unmatched precision and we select the best processes from the vast array available. You’ll get the best water quality for your needs, efficient systems, and the right technology to propel you further.

A full team of seasoned professionals

Our experienced team includes chemists, engineers and technicians. We have an in-depth knowledge of water chemistry, treatment processes and the most advanced technologies. Thus our expertise covers water contaminants and how they interact, quality standards in the food and pharmaceutical sectors, the taking into account of the specific physical characteristics of your facility, and a broad understanding of products and how they perform.

Our solid expertise and our 40 years of experience delivering projects allow us to design a solution that will be custom-made to achieve the results you want. You’ll benefit from extensive analyses, a precise simulation of process efficiency and the gains possible with various scenarios, test pilots, and superior-quality fabrication and assembly.

PUR3, purs résultats

With Durpro, you can count on the support of an expert who can resolve challenges, choose the right product, and anticipate technical issues. Furthermore, you can count on  ​PUR3 , a support program for the development of water treatment solutions. This personalized service is dedicated to customers requiring more comprehensive support in developing a customized system.

This means you get top-tier advice and solutions from the complete assessment of your needs to system rollout.


Process selection
Process simulation


System engineering
Fabrication and assembly


Validation and start-up
Investment protection

Minimize losses from water-related issues. Boost production line efficiency. Prevent water quality from adversely affecting your product. 

In other words, leave it to the experts to find your custom solution, every time.

Mine water inventory reduction for the future
Mine sites use a lot of water and produce large quantities of wastewater. Thanks to Durpro, find out how to reduce tailing ponds water volume while generating a return on investment in accordance with sustainable development.
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