Always rising up to your challenges

Our client, a large food company, asked us to design a custom-made reverse osmosis system. The aim of water purification was basically to be able to use reclaimed water to feed boilers or to cool components instead of relying on the municipal water treatment system.

The project presented its share of challenges, among which the need to adjust the flow rate of the osmosis system according to the production rate. Durpro also faced a challenge in terms of space; the custom configuration of the system had to include a shorter system as well as duplex osmosis. But above all, the solution had to meet the stringent standards of the food industry in order to prevent bacterial contamination.

The system designed by Durpro is a success on many levels. Thanks to its great flexibility, production rate can be adjusted as desired. The continuous circulation and the high recirculation rate prevent bacteria from sticking to the sides. The turndown ratio optimizes performance, a challenge that had to be addressed as hot water is part of a number of applications.

Temps et argent maximisés

Furthermore, water recirculation and the fact that water is reused and not only treated minimize wastage. In addition to benefiting the environment, the system also saves our client several thousand dollars a year in electricity as well as tens of thousands of dollars each year in municipal water supply.

That’s not to mention the time and money saved when it comes to maintenance. The system was designed to receive water at different temperatures and doesn’t require constant cleaning. Other solutions typically need maintenance four times a year, while Durpro’s system has to be cleaned only once a year.

The ongoing performance monitoring provided by Durpro’s system is another significant benefit. The solution warns our client ahead of time when maintenance is required, for optimized planning and production. This is quite critical for our client since maintenance requires a 24-hour downtime. Being able to plan maintenance means maximizing production efficiency and minimizing the costs associated with production shutdowns— which total for our client hundreds of thousands of dollars every hour.

Un souci constant de performance

Living up to Durpro’s reputation, the new system features advanced monitoring instrumentation for conductivity, temperature or pressure measurement. Critical operational data are normalized, from permeate flow to salt rejection or pressure drop.

The trust relationship developed during this project is typical of the Durpro experience. Whether you’re looking for a water filtration, purification or treatment system, our experts have your success at heart and consistently deliver quality products that meet the highest efficiency standards.

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