High Flow Filtration for Contaminant Removal : A Case Study

In order to supply their production line, our client needed a high flow filtration system that would remove contaminants of 5 microns and larger. To meet these needs, we suggested a standard filtration system, but one that would be equipped with three 40″ high flow membranes. By installing the high-flow membranes, the system was able to provide 40 to 50 times the filtration rate of a standard cartridge. Thanks to the combinaison of these three high flow filtration cartridges, we were able to design a system with a filtration rate of up to 900 liters per minute, or 238 GPM.

Ce que Durpro a apporté

The solution offered was spread over several weeks and included several main steps; a tour of the facility, an inspection visit, system design and manufacturing, the installation and activation of the system and a training session.

Once the first steps were completed and the manufacturing of the system was finalized, we ensured the installation of the system. This way, we are sure that the installation is done properly and safely.

Once installed, the system was activated and tested to ensure that it was functional.
Finally, a 2-hour training session is given to the operators of the system in order to familiarize them with the system and to reduce the risks and optimize the efficiency of the system.

Customization, a major challenge

Adapting a water treatment system to the changing needs of our customers is common at Durpro. In order to meet the objectives every time, our teams must consider many factors such as the quality of the influent, the needed effluent, the temperature of the water, the presence of certain problematic contaminants or even the preferences of the customers.

Without a good analysis of the situation or if drastic changes occur after the system is activated, the efficiency of the system may be at stake.

When Durpro exceeds Vale's expectations
In 2009, Vale, a Brazilian multinational operating in the mining sector, decided to trust Durpro to purchase a water purification system to supply drinking water to its mining camp.
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