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In 2009, Vale, a Brazilian multinational company operating in the mining sector, decided to trust Durpro to purchase a water purification system to supply drinking water to its mining camp. In 2017, due to the expansion of the mine, the water treatment system was no longer providing enough water. So, Vale awarded us the Phase 2 project to increase the treatment capacity of the system.

Located in Voisey’s Bay, Northern Labrador, this nickel mine used to employ 300 people. Today, due to its expansion, approximately 1300 people are constantly present on site. In order to provide a constant supply of quality water, the custom-designed two-stage system now provides some 130,000 liters of drinking water per day.

Technologies Used
It is thanks to a combination of an AMF filter at the pre-filtration stage, a reverse osmosis, a disinfection by ultraviolet lamp and a chlorination stage that the system allows to reach an optimal water quality. The AMF filter and reverse osmosis provided by Durpro allow the removal of particles larger than one micron.

Vale New's answer

More than satisfied with the system’s performance and consistency of operation, the facility manager described it as the Cadillac of water system! 
To learn more about the project, visit the article written 
by Vale News: « 
It’s the Cadillac of water system  »

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